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To All the Girls7KJulio Inglesis
Afternoon Delight21K?
Theme from Aladdin5K?
Butterfly Kisses17K?
Chances Are4KJohnny Mathis
Lara's Theme25K?
Love is all Around Me51K?
Don't Worry19KBob Marley
Dream a Little Dream28KCass Elliot
Ever Lasting Love73K?
Gonna' Fly Now49K?
If You Leave Me Now27K?
I've got a Crush on You5KPatsy Klein ?
I Got You Babe31KSonny and Cher
I Love How You Love Me18KBobby Vinton
Imagine15KJohn Lennon
Girl from Ipanema53KAntonio Carlos Jobim
It's not for me to say18KJohnny Mathis
Killing Me Softly12KRoberta Flack

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