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Hello and welcome to my Midi pages. Hopefully music lovers of all kinds, will find a little something here to enjoy. These pages are a culmination of months of dedicated websearching, looking for only the best quality midi's. Feel free to take a few, but please...copy them to your own server. Bandwidth stealing cannot not be tolerated.

As far as I am aware, all music here is of public domain, but can be used for personal use only. Should you see a midi inadvertantly listed here, that is copyrighted, please let me know and i will either remove it, or give credit to the owner/composer.

If you do find something here you like, a link back to my site would be greatly appreciated. If you are looking for a particular midi, email me, and I will do the best I can to find it for you. Contributions are always encouraged... *s* This page is continuously under construction, and updated frequently. Come back often for the newest additions.

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cd iconRock and Roll
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4 ...Updated 4/28/99
Page 5 ...Coming Soon!

cd icon Popular Favorites (Enjoy the new!!! Java Applet)
Page 2 ...updated 4/28/99
Page 3 ...Added 4/28/99
Page 4 ...Coming Soon!
Page 5 ...Coming Soon!

cd iconOldies ...Added and Updated 4/28/99
Page 2 ...Added and Updated 5/10/99 new
Page 3 ...Added and Updated 5/10/99 new
Page 4 ...Coming Soon!
Page 5 ...Coming Soon!

cd iconClassical ...Updated 5/5/99new
Page 2 ...Added and Updated 5/5/99new
Page 3 ...Coming Soon!
cd iconCountry ...Updated 5/12/99
Page 2 ...Added and Updated 5/12/99new

cd iconJazz, Blues and Swing
...Added and Updated 4/30/99 new

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